Our Favorite Spa Step Options

Choosing the right swim steps from our Highlife®, Limelight®, Hot Spot®, or Freeflow® collections will make a helpful accent to your slice of paradise, as you luxuriate in your Hot Spring Spa. It’s the right addition and keeps you safe to fully enjoy this summer.  

Rugged and always ready, our spa steps make it easier to get in and out of your tub. With mixed and matched optional colors, enhance the look of your spa system, and provide the necessary safety, as you embark on your hot tubbing adventures.  

Freeflow® Spas Cool Step 

The Freeflow® Spas Cool Step is perfect for balmy summers full of fun. It features a two-step design with a cooler for drinks built into the top step, or used as a compartment for storing towels, toys, and other go to items right at your fingertips. Once the lid is on, it’s a functional last step to your relaxing soak.  

4-Tier Step 

This lightweight steps system gives users an easy, comfortable entry into their personal spas. It includes a side handrail and an optional back handrail. It’s also double wide at the top for better maneuverability. The steps have multiple configurations and may be universally installed to align and comport to your spa. 

Highlife® Collection Steps 

These steps match the color of your Highlife® spa’s corners. Its treads are non-slip textured, ensuring a safe access to your spa. Colored in smoke or cocoa, these steps will blend perfectly with your spa’s color theme. They’re crafted from sturdy, tough materials, so they’ll hold up great against the elements and frequent use.  

Hot Spot® Collection Steps 

These two-tone steps come in three different color options to match your spa’s cabinets. Whether you choose almond, Havana, or storm shades, your steps will look beautiful. The design is sleek and streamlined and will add a touch of modernity to your outdoor space.  

Hot Spring® Polymer Spa Steps 

Made from 100 percent recycled material, these are some high-performing steps. Because they’re durable and lightweight to handle, moving them to just the right spot is a breeze. Offered in multiple colors of coastal gray, expresso, or sable, these steps complement our Limelight® Collection Spas while our ash-colored steps are best suited for Hot Spot® Collection Spas. 

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