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About Us

Hot Spring Spas of KC was established in 1997. Since then we have only carried the world’s leading, most innovative and best-in-market products – Hot Spring Spas.

Our company’s goal is to “Make Everyday Better” for our customers through knowledgeable sales staff, trained service technicians and honesty.

Before you buy, our friendly and knowledgeable sales team will ensure that you are getting the hot tub that’s the right fit for you. Each customer is treated as an individual with individual needs. We realize that no product is one-size-fits-all.

After you buy, our trained technicians, water care specialists, and customer service team provide the best post-purchase service in the industry.

Our service goes beyond hot tubs. We can handle a variety of pool service needs from equipment replacement/repairs to liner replacement.

Our promise to you, our customers is; “Our relationship does not end when the product is purchased, that is when our relationship truly begins!”.