Hot Tub or Swim Spa?

Have you found yourself deliberating between whether or not you’re a better fit for a Hot Tub or an Endless Pool system? There are so many benefits to both, and while we encourage you to look into both in detail, here are some of our favorite features and reasons why both could be a great fit for you and your home.

Hot Tubs:


Whether it’s been a long day at work or you’re a highly active person, hot tubs promote relaxation and muscle relief. From hydrotherapy practices to water aerobics and overall high temperatures, hot tubs increase body temperatures and increase relaxation all while decreasing stress levels.

Less Maintenance.

While hot tubs do require water care and updated maintenance, their smaller size means more cost-effective water care options and faster maintenance to complete. Making sure everything is properly up kept will ensure that you elongate the longevity of your spa.


Compared to home pools, hot tubs come in at more affordable price points. From our basic systems to everything with the bells and whistles, we’ve got several choices to fit your budget, and all at a smaller price than what a swim spa will run.

 Swim Spas:

Cool Water, Hot Temperatures.

Jumping into the cool waters of a swim spa during times of warm weather or maybe a post-workout dip is a feeling that can’t be matched! Not to mention, the contrast of warm temperatures and cold water can help work to keep your immune system in top condition. It’s good for you, and good for your health.


While swim spas can be safer temperatures for children, just telling your kids or family members that you’re getting a new backyard toy is enough to form giant grins on their faces. Swim spas are an easy and effective way to get your kids out from under the TV and active indoors or outdoors.

Pure Fun.

Hot tubs are relaxing, but our swim spa systems are big enough to enjoy a dip for the whole family! From fun swimming games with the family to the ability to exercise your self, Endless Pools are pure fun for anyone who jumps in!