Our Favorite Luxury Spa Models

If you’re looking for the best of the best in your new hot tub, you need to explore these 3 luxury models. These incredible options effortlessly blend elegance, functionality, and energy efficiency to create the ideal gathering space for you and your guests. 


Grandee® 7 Person Hot Tub


The Grandee® is an extra-large spa that fits 7 guests without breaking a sweat. It’s available in a wide variety of colors and finishes so you’ll be able to choose the option that matches your personal style the best. Whether you’re looking for a subtle grain pattern, metallic finish, or stone-like texture, we’ve got you covered with 6 cabinet and 5 shell choices. If you plan on enjoying your new hot tub with your children, we know you’ll love this model since it features varying seat depths which allow for comfortable seating for shorter guests. To ensure optimal energy efficiency, the Grandee® features the Energy Smart® system which helps to regulate the heat distribution, lock in heat, and cut down on your monthly energy consumption. 


Flash™ 7 Person Hot Tub


Thanks to its open seating design, the Flash™ manages to pack a spacious seating area for 7 guests into a conservative footprint of 7’ x 7’. It’s great for households that frequently have larger gatherings but are low on deck space. To provide the ultimate massage experience for each of your guests, this model features 41 high-quality jets which are arranged to deliver full-body relaxation to all. The jets are a combination of large and small ones which are positioned to massage different areas of your body with expert precision. After a long workday, there’s no better feeling than slipping into the hot, bubbling water and feeling yourself decompress, all the way from your toes to your shoulder blades. 


Prism™ 7 Person Hot Tub


We’ve saved our absolute favorite model for last. The Prism™ is the largest spa in the Hot Spring® Limelight® Collection and it comfortably seats 7 adults. It features relaxing lounge seating, as well as Adirondack-style seats that are complete with wrist, calf, and foot jets. The 73 high-powered, stainless steel jets are designed to deliver targeted pain relief and soothing massaging action to each part of your body. From the brushed steel design and the elegantly sculpted shell to the multi-colored lighting and high-end finishes, we know the Prism™ will add a layer of glamor to your outdoor seating area. 


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