Which Hot Tub is Right for You?

Deciding which hot tub is right for you is the toughest part of the spa buying process. With such a wide variety of options it can become hard to choose. Our customers are often curious as to what our most popular models are and what makes them so popular. Let us tell you a little bit about our best sellers!



The Grandee is the ultimate hot tub ownership experience! The unique design of the Highlife Collection is unmatched in the industry giving you a modern design. The open interior lay out of the seats allows you the option to entertain friends, spend time with the family or simply give you plenty of room to relax and repair your body.

The first thing anyone thinks about when you think about hot tubs is jets. From the first time you sit in a Grandee you will never think about another jet again. With two of the Hot Spring’s exclusive Moto Massage jets plus four other great therapy seats, the Grandee will ease any ache or pain you have!

What goes hand in hand with the Grandee? SALT!  Nothing says the ultimate hot tub ownership like having the Hot Spring’s EXCLUSIVE Freshwater Salt System. We all want natural feeling, easy to care for water that doesn’t feel or smell like its loaded with chlorine. The Freshwater Salt System gives you all that and so much more!

You will never regret choosing the Grandee for you and your family to enjoy!



Two versions of the same hot tub! Are you looking for a premium hot tub at the best quality of the industry? Then the Flair and the Flash give you just that. These two models give you the option of a lounge or open seating. They are the perfect size for most families. And with a multitude of jets, both of these spas will melt away all the physical and mental stress of the day!

How do you want to experience your hot tub? Salt? Music? Even a TV?! The Flair and the Flash have all the options our Highlife Collection has but without the high cost of the hot tub. If easy maintenance and a rockin’ good time is what you want out of your hot tub then one of these are the perfect fit for you!




Again, two versions of the same hot tub! Is your hot tub for relaxation and spending time with the family? These are fully featured hot tubs at the perfect value price to give you all the fun you want without all the extras you don’t need. With plenty of room for the whole family, you once again get the choice of a lounge or open seating.

There is one word that describes these two hot tubs: EASY. Easy to use. Easy to maintain. Easy to choose. Easy to buy. It’s no wonder why so many of our customers choose one of these two hot tubs for their family!