The Perfect Place to Enjoy an Invigorating Spring

The sounds of birds chirping and the sun’s glow are prime indications of the spring season. Starting on March 20, the season of spring packs more punch than ever before! 

The warm air, the bright sun, and the rise in social events allow families and communities to unite together. If you’d like to create memories with those around you, owning a hot tub is a great starting point. 

Hot tubs offer far greater physical, mental, and social benefits than staying inside on your devices. 

Physical Benefits

Hot tubs provide hydrotherapy that has several health benefits. From improvements in your respiratory system to your skin, you can get the glow desired this season. Hydrotherapy can improve the respiratory system by putting pressure on your body to increase blood flow. In turn, higher oxygen levels are pulled to all parts of the body. This not only makes it easier to breathe but makes you feel calmer.

Additionally, hot tubs are well-known to make you sweat!! Your pores will open up more easily, releasing some of the trapped dirt under the skin. It is important to wash your face following perspiration to prevent more dirt from flooding your pores. 

Mental Benefits

Hydrotherapy balances your hormones. These hormones, also known as serotonin and dopamine, are responsible for making you happy. Constant stress can have unchangeable effects on the body, so it’s nice to have a break.

Did you know that placing yourself in a hot tub for 60-90 minutes can improve your circadian rhythm? The circadian rhythm helps your body regulate its sleep cycle and is an essential part of your body’s functions. 

The process of getting in and out of the hot tub closely resembles the organic temperature changes in our bodies throughout the REM phase of sleep. We not only teach our bodies to get prepared for a resultful snooze, but we can make ourselves more energized for the following day. 

Social Benefits

With all the stress that comes with navigating our world, take some well-needed time to spend with your family. Hot Spring Spas of Kansas City ensures that you have wonderful memories for years to come with our premium, family-sized hot tubs. When your kids are growing up, spend time with them while you can. If you don’t have kids, a hot tub is a great way to connect with friends or your partner. You have the space to be more transparent and vulnerable, which strengthens relationships. 

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