The Perfect Holiday Gift – a New Hot Spring Spa!

The holiday season isn’t just a time to find the perfect gifts for your family and friends – it is also an ideal time to build your personal gift list! If you are looking for a special way to treat yourself this season, a luxurious spa might be the perfect gift for you. Not only do personal spas provide instant comfort and relaxation in the cold winter months, but they continue to offer fun, relaxing benefits for years to come.  

What Spa Matches Your Lifestyle?  

To ensure your holiday gift suits your needs for years to come, consider your priorities for an outdoor spa. Do you want to maximize the seating options? Do you want your hot tub to include as many jets as possible? No matter your preference, Hot Spring Spas Kansas City has you covered this season.  

Our team put together a list of relaxing spa options for your gift list inspiration! Check them out and treat yourself.   

The Envoy® 

If your dream includes full-body massage features and a variety of dedicated jet streams, then the Envoy® spa is the best option for you. The Envoy® seats five people comfortably and includes our one-of-a-kind Moto-Massage® DX Jets. These jets offer a unique, focused back massage experience. The Envoy® is ideal for relieving tension in the shoulders, back, neck, and calves, since this spa is equipped with focused jets that ensure a relaxing massage experience.  

Customers can choose between a variety of color options to customize their Envoy® spa to their style. If you want to prioritize a high-quality massage experience for you and your close family or friends, give yourself an Envoy® spa this year.  

The Pulse® 

If you want to have lots of comfortable seating options without sacrificing any jets, the Pulse® spa from our Limelight collection is an excellent choice. This spa seats seven comfortably and includes 49 luxurious jets. With a combination of dual rotary, directional, and precision jets, the Pulse® guarantees every user a comfortable, relaxing experience. The directional jets even offer targeted massages, like foot or shoulder massages, from every seat.  

The Pulse® spa is available in a range of color options, so you can guarantee that your hot tub suits your backyard and personal style perfectly.  

The Relay® 

If you want to invest in a versatile, dependable spa this holiday season, then the Relay® spa is a fantastic choice. The Relay® spa features carefully placed rotational jets for customizable, targeted massage areas. This spa is ideal for those that would like the option to use their hot tub for luxurious massages, and for casual lounge sessions with friends and family. This hot tub allows up to six people to enjoy the complete hydrotherapy experience at once.  

Work With the Hot Spa Professionals 

No matter which spa you choose, it will be a gift that you will never forget! Are you ready to start shopping for your dream holiday treat? Contact our team today!