It’s All in the Chemistry: The Truth Behind Different Types of Hot Tub Treatments

Hot tubs are a big investment, so it’s wildly important to keep up with the maintenance of your tub. There are a variety of water care options out there to choose from based on your needs. If you are a first-time hot tub owner, or just don’t know much about the water care, it can be really confusing. However, it is much easier than you may think! Let’s take a look at the three leading methods to hot tub water care.

Traditional Water Care

This approach is typically the least expensive, however, it by far requires the most manual work. Traditional care requires an approved sanitizer to be added manually to the spa once a week and before each use. The effort is required by the spa owner depends on how frequently the hot tub is being used. With traditional spa water care, you will typically use one of two sanitizers – Chlorine or Bromine. These are the primary actors for killing bacteria and viruses, as well as preventing algae growth.

Ozone with MPS and Silver Ions

Ozone water care with MPS and Silver Ions is slightly more expensive than traditional water care is. While it is still a fairly manual process, it does require a little less work from the spa owner than traditional water care. The main benefit of Ozone care is crystal clear spa water with minimal chlorine needed. This approach has become the industry standard for hot tub water care. This care system combines powerful oxidizers—ozone and MPS—with silver ions to reduce the need for chlorine. Some hot tubs even come with an ozone unit as a standard feature, while others offer ozone as an upgrade.

Salt Water Systems

Salt water systems are typically the most expensive option when it comes to water care. Salt water systems automatically generate the sanitizer needed, making water care much more hands-free for the owner. Depending on the type of salt system chosen, there are a number of different added benefits to consider, including better-feeling and longer-lasting spa water for everyone to enjoy.

Our exclusive FreshWater Salt System is designed to make water care easier than ever before! It’s available on all of our Highlife Collection and Limelight Collection spas, this easy-to-use salt water system removes the worry of keeping your spa water clean and clear for a full year. With just a little salt in your hot tub, the system generates chlorine automatically so you’ll spend less time measuring and adding chemicals. This new and unique system makes spa ownership easier than ever imagined by eliminating the guesswork and annoyance of spa water care maintenance.