How to Tell if Your Hot Tub Cover Needs to be Replaced

Our promise to our customers is the longevity of our relationship. Our relationship does not end when you purchase a Hot Spring Spa. When you purchase one of our products, we see that as the start of our journey together! After you buy one of our products, we still want to be of service to you in any way we can. One way we accomplish this is by providing knowledge about any maintenance your Hot Spring Spa might need.

We have over twenty years of experience under our belts. Because of our experience, we know a thing or two about hot tub maintenance. Wear and tear is bound to happen to any Hot Spring Spa cover, and we want to provide you with a guide to see if your hot tub cover is indeed in need of a replacement.

Here are 5 signs your Hot Spring Spa cover is in need of replacement:

1. The cover is too heavy to lift or open

A brand new hot tub cover weighs around 50 pounds, which already creates a good work out and requires a strong back to lift. Over time your cover will absorb water that evaporates from your spa, which eventually increases the weight. Gradually your cover becomes too heavy to lift manually which is a sign that you need to replace it.

2. The seam is torn and letting heat escape

Hot tubs require energy to keep it heated, and energy costs money. If your seam is torn, it is letting heat escape, which then increases the amount of energy needed to heat water. More energy leads to energy bills rising, which is not good! Replacing a torn cover can end up saving you money. The purpose of a hot tub is to relax in a heated tub that maintains its heat. Replacing an old cover can maintain the purpose of your purchase (hot water anytime at a minimal cost).

3. The cover is sagging/letting water pool on top of it

Hot tub covers are designed to fit snug and securely over your tub. If your cover is sagging, then your cover can lose heat and retain water on top of it which enhances the sagging. It will save you time and eliminate any stress if you go ahead and purchase a new cover instead of waiting for it to deteriorate even more.

4. The cover looks raggedy

If your hot tub cover looks worn, then it probably is. Hot tubs are made to be out in the elements and there is only so much you can do to protect it from the aftermath of changing seasons. A worn cover does not make your spa look good and probably is costing you money in heat loss.

5. The locking straps to your cover are torn

Lock straps are in place for your safety. If they are torn, this can be a hazard for you, your family, friends, or anyone else who uses your hot tub. Torn lock straps are a major reason your hot tub cover is in need of replacement.

If your hot tub cover fits any of this criteria, it’s time to consider replacing it. If so, stop by or give us a call!