How to Keep Your Spa Clean this Fall

With crisp temperatures and beautiful foliage, fall is a great time of year to relax in your Hot Spring Spa. The colorful leaves fall brings to enjoy, ultimately end up somewhere – and in most cases, it seems as if they end up everywhere. Often, you’ll find that the same leaves that offered you a gorgeous foliage view a few weeks ago are now cluttering your spa area.   

Fallen leaves are not only inconvenient, but often clog your spa’s drains and negatively affect water quality. Check out a few tips from the Hot Spring Spas of Kansas City team on how to both enjoy fall’s beautiful décor and protect your spa.  

How Can Leaves Cause Damage? 

If fallen leaves clog your drains, it can impact the drainage system and damage the spa’s entire plumbing system. This is an expensive issue to address, so you should limit the leaves in your spa as much as possible.  

Plus, when fallen leaves and twigs are in the water for a significant amount of time, the organic material disrupts the composition of your spa’s water. This leads to drastic decreases in the quality of your water.  

Take Action with Effective Products  

Luckily, there are simple actions you can take to reclaim the quality of your spa this fall.  

The easiest way to limit the amount of required maintenance due to fallen leaves in your spa, is to limit how many leaves stay in the water in the first place. One simple, affordable way to combat large issues with your spa is to invest in and use a leaf skimmer net or pool skimmer net. These inexpensive tools will help remove leaves efficiently, before they can severely damage your drains or water quality.  

If you want to ensure that leaves don’t compromise your spa’s water quality this fall, turn to our range of water care products. To address visible buildup in your spa, reach for spa scrub like the BAQUASpa® Baqua Spa Scrub Pad. This durable scrub pad removes buildup from your spa’s water line easily and effectively.  

Our BAQUA Spa® 4-Way Test Strips are a great way to easily test your water quality and determine your next treatment steps with the BAQUA Spa® Sanitizer. This sanitizer controls bacteria and prevents discoloration from metals, which is essential when your spa is coming up against organic material.  

If you notice that there is organic buildup in your spa’s sand filter from processing fallen leaves, then it is time to turn toward the BAQUACIL® Backwash Filter Cleaner. This backwash cleaner breaks down both organic and inorganic buildup in your spa’s sand filter, so it can continue filtering water effectively. If you want to clean your filter as well, you can opt for a cleaner spray like the Hot Spring® FreshWater® Instant Filter Cleaner Spray.  

We’re Here to Help 

Don’t let the falling leaves get in the way of enjoying your spa this fall. If you need help caring for your spa this season, reach out to the Hot Springs of Kansas City today!