Hot Tub Temperature: What You Need to Know About It


Family enjoying hot tub


Hot tubs help us relax, they help up relieve tress and leave our day behind us. How do we work to make the most of our hot tubs? Let’s start by making sure it’s the right temperature for you!

The first step is ensuring that you have your hot tub at the desired heat that is safe for you and the family. It’s always important to remember that although hot tubs can be relaxing; it can also be dangerous if the hot tub temperature is not set at the correct temperature.

It is important to remember that the average human body temperature is 98.6°F. This is set to vary based on each individual and certain environment, but increasing your hot tub temperature by a few extra degrees above the average body temperature ensures several health benefits and relaxing experiences for hot tub users.

We recommended setting your hot tub between 100° to 104° degrees Fahrenheit. When our bodies are exposed to temperatures above 104° degrees for extensive lengths of time we can see various health issues arise. Health issues such as heat stroke and hyperthermia are common health risks if you are not cautious with the temperature of your hot tub.

A frequent question we have asked is can you keep the temperatures low? Absolutely. If you find something that is comfortable for you and your family, the less you fluctuate the heat, the more energy you save therefore keeping the costs low. In addition to saving energy and money, a lower temperature hot tub can also be safer for children, elderly people, and pregnant women.

Needing more info on how to properly set up your hot tub? Our store a call for service inquires or spa recommendations. We are committed to finding the right hot tub for YOU!