Hosting a Halloween Hot Tub Party Makes Fall’s Colors Brighter

Who doesn’t love hosting parties? There is something about having your closest pals, and even new friends, over for some food and fun. This fall, the Hot Spring Spas of Kansas City team recommends you kick it up a notch and partner your a-class guest list with some Halloween fun! 

Your Hot Springs Spa is already the talk of the neighborhood, but if you follow our tips for getting folks to party at your place with a few spooky twits, you might just keep them talking all year.

Put On Your Favorite Scary Movie 

One of the best ideas for scary backyard fun is to hop in your spa with your favorite flicks on the outdoor screen. When it comes to Halloween classics, there are so many awesome choices: Ed Wood, Young Frankenstein, It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, the Halloween franchise, Nightmare on Elm Street, Beetlejuice, or Hocus Pocus, to name a few. Nothing is better than hot tubbing combined with quality entertainment. 

Get Creative With the Snacks 

Paring good friends and fun with creative food will make the excitement last. Halloween snacks and meals will keep everyone energized to trick-or-treat or power through a few classic films. Candy and caramel apples are nostalgic and always a hit this time of year. Pumpkin bread never goes out of style.  

Step it up with a departure from candy and serve some fun-themed delicacies that are sure to keep your guests snacking. Ghost pizza bagels accompanied with Bloody Mary syringe cocktails, bubbly concoctions, deviled eggs, any sweet potato dish, and pumpkin pie are all sure to invigorate your guests to hang out longer. 

Set the Mood with Spooky Décor   

When it comes to mood lighting, three spa styles come to mind: Excursion®Premier, Azure™Premier, and Monterey™Premier  all equipped with both interior and exterior LED lighting. 

Make your backyard a part of the show and enhance the eerie feelings conjured by the season when you add some items from HGTV’s list of decorations that are certain to create the creepiest yard on the block. Add some Red lights to your spa to make the water emulate blood, or maybe hues of blue to turn the water ghostly, or even hints of green for a feeling of Witch’s brew.  

Regardless of how you decide to entertain your guests or decorate your haunted oasis, this fall is the perfect time for a spa get together.  

‘Treat’ Yourself This Fall 

If all you are missing for the perfect fall soiree is a new spa, ‘treat’ yourself and visit Hot Springs Spas of Kansas City today!