Helpful Tips and Tricks for New Hot Tub Owners

You’ve just become the lucky owner of a new hot tub, congrats! There are different elements behind successful hot tub ownership. We’ve got some helpful tips and tricks for new hot tub owners that’ll make your new hot tub experience the best it can be.

Stay with Your Cleaning Schedule

If you regularly and clean your hot tub and clean/replace the filters, you should not face any problems when it comes to maintaining your hot tub. A clean hot tub is a healthy hot tub!

Soak Before Bed

Soaking in your hot tub for 20-30 minutes before bed will help you to sleep more soundly and peacefully than you ever have before. Using your hot tub at night is the perfect, natural way to wind down before bed.

Get a Cover

It is very important to keep your new hot tub protected from the outdoor environment. A well-insulated and quality hot tub cover can save you a substantial amount in energy costs by keeping your hot tub water more consistently warm. Here at Hot Springs Spas, we offer a wide variety of affordable and reliable hot tub covers that are sure to impress.

Keep the Temperature Steady

If your hot tub is insulated well and with an added bonus of a cover, it costs less to keep your water temperature consistent. It costs much more to constantly be heating up cool water when you use your hot tub. Instead of turning the heat down when you’re done using it just place your hot tub cover back on.

Maintain Water Level

Water evaporates much more quickly from a hot tub during the colder months of the year. It is important to make sure that the water level stays above the skimmer line. By ensuring this you will have continuous, effective filtrations and operational jets. A great trick to use during the cold weather is to keep a garden hose somewhere warm so it’s ready to go when you need to refill your spa.

Becoming a new hot tub owner is a big deal! If you have any questions about your new tub from Hot Springs Spas of Kansas City please reach out to us, or check your manual that comes with every hot tub model for further help.