Fall Hot Tub Maintenance

From the crunchy, orange leaves and crisp air to the roaring campfires and cozy blankets, Autumn is truly jam-packed with magic. What’s your favorite part of this beautiful season? For us, it’s taking a long, steamy simmer in a hot tub with a mug of warm coffee. With the cooler weather creeping up on us, it’s time to get your personal spa in tip-top shape so that it’s ready the next time you want to take a spontaneous soak. Here are a few maintenance steps to brush up on!


Time to Start Fresh 

Every three to four months, it’s important to drain and refill your hot tub. It’s quite possible that after a busy summer full of frequent dips, the water might start to look a bit milky or cloudy. In some cases, you might even notice a thin, oily film floating on top. The most common cause of water impurities is a buildup of lotions, sunscreen, natural oils, and other substances that originate from you and your guests. You can easily solve this problem by taking the time to drain the water and refill it with fresh, sparkling water. Every model is unique so before starting the process, make sure you understand the instructions stated in your hot tub’s manual. Remember to change out the water on a regular basis, as this will ensure optimal safety and enjoyment for you and your guests. 


Protect Your Tub With a Quality Cover

One of the most beautiful parts of Autumn in Kansas City is watching the brightly colored leaves fall to the ground as soon as the temperatures drop. While undeniably stunning, fallen leaves present a challenge for hot tub owners. To keep the water crystal clear and debris-free, make sure to keep your cover down whenever your spa is not in use. After a relaxing soak, it might seem like an unnecessary hassle to drop the cover, but we promise you’ll thank yourself later. In addition to reducing the amount of cleaning your hot tub will need, it will help insulate the temperature and keep the water warm. Throughout the year, your cover may sustain damage since it’s constantly sitting out in the elements. Take a moment to check the exterior for any holes, tears, scratches, or other signs of damage. You should also check the inside for mold, mildew, and dirt buildup. 


Get Extra Toasty 

During the summer, many households opt to turn down the heat on their spas. As the temperatures begin to drop, this is the perfect time to turn up the heat by a few degrees. However, it’s important to choose a temperature and commit to it for the entire season, as this will help cut down on your monthly energy bill. Many people believe that lowering the temperature of the hot tub while not in use will help to reduce energy costs, but it’s actually more energy efficient to keep the temperature steady. To trap in as much heat as possible, just make sure to close your hot tub’s cover when you finish your soak. 


Step Up Your Autumn 

If you don’t already own a personal spa, but would like to change that, make sure to contact us today! We’ll help you find the perfect model to suit your unique needs and lifestyle. It’s time to enjoy this cozy, wonderful season in style.