Explore Our Favorite Fitness Accessories

Your Endless Pool® is so much more than a relaxing, rejuvenating hangout area for you and your family: it’s the perfect place to get in shape! Here are a few of our favorite fitness accessories that you should consider incorporating into your pool. 

Underwater Treadmill

If you’re looking to get in great shape in a jiffy, hitting the treadmill is the best option. However, traditional treadmills can put a tremendous amount of strain on your knees and ankles. The underwater treadmill is the ideal solution for people looking for a low-impact cardio workout. Whether you decide to go for a leisurely walk or vigorous run, you’ll receive the same cardiovascular benefits of a typical treadmill, without the negative side effects of land-based exercises. Plus, the added resistance of the water will help to intensify your workout. 

Rowing Kit

Traditional rowing machines take up a lot of space and can be challenging for people with health issues to utilize. The in-pool rowing kit will help you emulate the same fitness benefits as a traditional machine, without sacrificing space in your home or the integrity of your joints. Simply set it up, adjust the resistance to your desired setting, and start rowing! To get a more intense workout, you can also turn on your pool’s current. In addition to being great for your cardiovascular health, this exercise will help you achieve a more defined waist, stronger back, and toned arms. It will also keep your joints and muscles protected from undue stress. 

Aqua Bike

Stationary bikes can be a fantastic way to get your heart pumping and burn calories, but for anyone with muscle and/or joint issues, the impact can be too much. Fortunately, an aqua bike provides a low-impact, high-yield workout to help you make progress on your fitness journey. This durable stationary bike weighs just 21 Ibs. and features a comfortable seat that’s great for long sessions. It’s perfect for individuals on the hunt for low to medium-intensity workouts. If you’re interested in creating a more challenging ride, try positioning your bike in front of the swim current of your pool. 

Swim Tether

Swimming laps has never been easier with Endless Pools®! Each model comes equipped with an anchor for attaching an optional swim tether which will help to stabilize your body during a swim. It’s perfect for beginning swimmers or anyone looking for assistance in perfecting their form. Simply attach the tether to the built-in anchor, hop in your pool, and start swimming the pounds off. Swimming is a low-impact exercise that will take the pressure off your joints and tendons, while helping you burn calories and tone your muscles. 

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