Combatting Back Pain with a Hot Tub

Hot tubs can help ease muscle aches and pains from working out or other physical activities. This can lead to a more relaxed self. Spas can especially help with back pain that many people experience during day to day activities. It eases pain through a combination of massage, heat and buoyancy. Of course, there are lots of different spa models so let us help you find the perfect fit to help mend your back pain! 


Many high-quality spas come with powerful jets that help massage your major muscle groups, including those in your lower back. The jets knead out knots and tension found in your back leading to a relaxing relief. It can also provide comfort from over-tightness especially if you take a soak early in the morning or at night.   


When you combine heat with a massage, the results can create a big difference throughout your body. As you dip into a hot tub, your body temperature will naturally rise. This rise in body heat leads to more circulation, improved blood flow and more relaxation. The more your muscles relax, the less pain you are in.  


While immersed neck deep into your spa water, your experienced body weight is reduced by close to 90%. As you feel your body weight reduce, the pressure is reduced from your bones, joints and muscles including those directly and indirectly associated with your lower back. 

In all hot tub models, you are going to find both heat and buoyancy. Finding the spa with the right massage techniques can be a little more difficult. Reach out to us or come to one of our stores to discuss the best options for you and your body!