How To Throw the Perfect Summer Hot Tub Party

Looking for a fun and relaxing way to spend this summer with family and friends? Try throwing the perfect hot tub party! Keep reading to find out some of our best tips.

Get Your Theme Right

A key element to any fun party is having a great theme that your guests will love – the more geared to the season, the better. For the summer, some fun themes you could try are a hot tub movie night, a classic tropical theme party, or a hot tub game night. Once you decide on your theme, the next step is to decorate and get everything you need for your summer bash.

Unique lighting is an easy way to take your party to the next level. Try our hot tubs with LED lighting to match the color to whatever theme you choose, or find other colorful lights to set the mood. For decorating your deck, hanging string lights are a great option to create a fun atmosphere, and they put out a nice soft glow instead of using harsh exterior lights. After the lighting, transform your backyard into a paradise with large, beautiful plants to get that perfect tropical vibe. You can also incorporate colorful balloons, streamers, and garlands to elevate your space.

Summer Fun and Activities

Once you’ve got everything set up, what about the activities? For a hot tub movie night, the best way to create a memorable experience for your guests is by using a projector and a sheet to create a huge movie screen to watch your favorite movie or show. Simply connect a device like a laptop or a tablet to the projector to use any streaming services, or attach your DVD player using the necessary cords.

Throwing a game night is a great way to spend an evening, and the addition of a hot tub makes it even more fun. Waterproof cards and floating coasters are a great way to bring your game night into your hot tub for the perfect summer fun. You don’t have to be limited to card games either, so look for waterproof board games to play, or purchase a floating table designed for hot tubs and play whatever game you desire!

Snacks, Drinks, and More

Even if you and your guests simply want to relax, a good playlist with hit songs of the summer and some snacks is the way to go! Bring your guests out of the hot tub by including a barbeque with your party, or stay in with a charcuterie board on a floating tray for easy snack access. You could also keep it simple and serve chips with a variety of dips, such as queso, guacamole, and salsa.

Don’t forget about drinks. Mocktails are a great way to enjoy an evening and match the theme of your party with different drink options. Try a refreshing mojito or margarita with your tropical-themed party, or a fruit punch or raspberry lemonade for your game night. The options are endless and they’re all delicious!

What Will You Plan?

Take summer party planning by the reins and make some awesome memories with your loved ones this summer. If you don’t already have a spa, contact us today to get your very own hot tub system. Start your summer off right by treating yourself!