All I Want For Christmas is a Hot Tub

With Christmas coming up soon, it’s time to start finalizing your wish list. We’ve got an idea to bring a sprinkle of magic to the holiday season: Let this be the year that you finally treat yourself to the hot tub of your dreams! Here are a few models that will provide you with the ultimate relaxation experience.


Relay ® 6 Person Hot Tub

The Relay ® combines an elegant design with top-quality hydrotherapy jets that deliver targeted pain relief. The ergonomically designed seats are shaped to cradle the contours of your body and position you to get the most from the 40 high-powered jets. While it comfortably seats 6 guests, it’s also perfect for solo soaks in which you kick back, enjoy a refreshing beverage, and unwind after a long day. If you’re looking for full-body relaxation to the max, this spa is your dream come true.


Aptos ™ 5 Person Hot Tub

Thanks to the barrier-free seat design and Plug-N-Play technology, which enables you to plug your spa into a standard 110v outlet, the Aptos ™ provides the ultimate flexibility and comfort. This model is a fantastic option if you’re renting your home since it doesn’t require custom installation. Simply plug it in, wait for it to heat up, and start enjoying your personal oasis. It features 18 hydrotherapy jets, including a whirlpool jet, that will expertly massage your stiff joints and muscles, and put your mind at ease. When you add this model to your list, you’ll be counting down the days until Christmas morning the same way you did when you were little.


Flash™ 7 Person Hot Tub

This roomy hot tub features a stunning design, high-end materials and finishes, an open-seat design, and a variety of jets to soothe your body from neck to toe. The 41 jets, ranging from precision jets to extra large ones which hit larger muscle groups, can be adjusted to suit the unique needs of you and your guests. As an added plus, this model features FiberCor® insulation which helps to seal in the heat and save you money on your monthly energy bill. While you can’t exactly put this present under the tree, it’s sure to brighten your Christmas morning!


The Gift of a Lifetime

The best way to recharge your batteries and gear up for a successful 2022 is to treat yourself to the most relaxing gift on the planet: A personal spa. Contact us today and we’d be happy to walk you through our incredible variety of models to help determine which one is right for you!