4 Ways a Hot Tub Promotes Your Health and Wellness

The new year has finally arrived and we all likely have some sort of resolution we want to stick to. If yours is around your health and wellness, a hot tub might be what you didn’t know you needed, and we’re here to tell you why.

Relieves Sore Muscles

The warmth your hot tub helps to soothe your sore muscles. Whether you just got back from an intense workout, have lower back pain, or just pain in your joints in general, the pressure of a spa jet can help target those muscles, relieving your pain. A hot tub can also help increase your range of motion in your joints, which is a positive as well.

Decreases Stress

So, you had a tough day at the office. Maybe you worked 60+ hours this week. Whatever the case may be, you’re probably stressed out. The heat from a hot tub increases your blood flow naturally making you feel more relaxed. After all, too much stress can lead to bigger health problems down the road.

Provides a Good Night’s Rest

Many people don’t sleep well. We’re sure you’ve had a poor night’s rest a time or two. Sitting in your hot tub an hour or two before you hit the hay can help you relax a little more, helping you to fall asleep and then stay asleep throughout the night. 

Promotes a Healthy Heart

Sitting in a hot tub increases your heart rate without working out. It also helps decrease blood pressure instead of increasing it as if you were working out.

Do any of these resonate with your lifestyle? If you have any questions around which type of hot tub might be right for you, we’re here to help.














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