4 Ways a Hot Tub Promotes Your Health and Wellness

More than ever before we’ve been encouraged to take care of our body and work towards getting ourselves on a better health pattern. With the COVID-19 pandemic having highlighted so many different ways we can work towards keeping ourselves stress-free, healthy, and more conscious of when we may be at health-risk, we wanted to provide you with some ways a hot tub can help improve your overall health and wellness. By adding a soak in your spa weekly, you can see a drastic difference in how you maintain your health. 

Relieves Sore Muscles 

Say you’re an athlete, or you are constantly on the move! Our muscles get tired. The wear and tear of our bodies put us in need of serious recovery mode. The warmth from your hot tub helps to soothe your sore muscles. In addition, the pressure of a spa jet can help target specific muscles, relieving your pain. A hot tub can also help increase your range of motion in your joints, which is important as well. 

Decreases Stress 

Long day at the office? Whatever the case may be, there are so many stressors that play a factor in our day-to-day life. The heat from a hot tub increases your blood flow naturally, making you feel more relaxed. As a matter of fact, there’s been a heavy topic of conversation around mental health lately and how too much stress can lead to bigger health problems down the road. Make it a priority to check-in with yourself, and do it while relaxing in your backyard spa. 

Provides a Good Night’s Rest 

Many people don’t sleep well. We’re sure you’ve had a poor night’s rest a time or two. Sitting in your hot tub an hour or two before you hit the hay can help you relax a little more, helping you to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night.

Promotes a Healthy Heart 

Sitting in a hot tub increases your heart rate without working out. It also helps decrease blood pressure instead of increasing it, as if you were working out.

And there is so much more! Connect with us by giving us a call, or stopping by our Kansas City store and we will help you find the right spa for you.