10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Owning a Hot Tub

Before purchasing a Hot Tub, it is important to know the facts surrounding hot tub ownership. This will eliminate surprises and allow buyers to be informed about any maintenance needs and extra costs. Knowledge is power which allows buyers to have peace of mind about their purchases. If you are interested in buying a hot tub, this is the resource for you. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions that come with owning and operating a hot tub so you can prepare.

How much does the hot tub cost to operate?

Besides the initial purchase, hot tubs require costs in the form operation. The electricity required by your spa’s heater to function is an ongoing expense associated with hot tub ownership. The time of year also determines how much electricity needed to keep water hot. In the winter it takes more heat to warm than in the summer, and therefore more electricity is required. Here is a simple formula for calculating hot tub costs:

Your Monthly Energy Cost = Kilowatt Hours in Use x Local Rate per Kilowatt Hour

How much do chemicals cost per year?

Other costs include maintenance, meaning the cost of needed chemicals. Chemicals are used to clean and maintain the quality of water. Depending on how often you use your hot tub determines how often chemicals need to be used. The typical cost of chemicals ranges from $10 – $20 a month. Again, this is based on how often one uses their hot tub. Here is a simple formula for calculating chemicals cost per year:

Chemical Cost Per Year = Monthly Chemical Costs x 12

Can we use our hot tub all year round?

Yes! Hot tubs can be enjoyed throughout the entire year. Whether it be winter, spring, summer, or fall, hot tubs are the perfect relaxation outlet.

Is salt water beneficial?

Salt water is extremely beneficial for health and relaxation. For centuries people would soak in natural mineral baths to relax and heal. The same benefits are available via salt water hot tubs.

How much does a hot tub cost?

The total cost of a hot tub depends upon its size, quality, design, and location. The price of a new hot tub can range from about $3,000 to $16,000 and up. In theory, the further up you move in pricing, the more long-term enjoyment you acquire from your hot tub.

Do you have a service department?

We sure do! Our staff of service technicians offers on-site as well as in-store service. They are trained to work on all types of hot tubs including HotSpring, Limelight, Hot Spot, and Freeflow/Fantasy hot tubs.

How long will the hot tub last?

Many factors play into the lifespan of a hot tub and the longevity of a hot tub depends on its upkeep and durability. Cheaper hot tubs may only last up to five years, mid-tier hot tubs can last somewhere between ten to fifteen years, while more expensive hot tubs last up to twenty years. Besides the build of a hot tub, maintenance effects how long a hot tub will last. If a hot tub is properly taken care of, the years of operation expand. A hot tub that is properly serviced lasts longer than a hot tub neglected of maintenance.

How do I keep the water clean?

Keeping your hot tub clean allows you to enjoy your experience. In order to manage your hot tubs cleanliness, you need to regularly clean its cover and filter, add the right chemicals to the water, and check the chemical levels in the water. It is critically important to maintain proper chemical levels because if they are too high it can corrode your spa’s equipment and if they are too low it can cause bacteria to build up.

Where is the best place at my home to put a hot tub?

There is no right answer to this question as hot tubs can be placed indoors (when practical) and outdoors. Some examples of hot tub placements include under a gazebo, on a rooftop, on your patio or deck: the list goes on. The best place to place your hot tub depends on your personal tastes as well as the space you have.

Why should I buy a Hot Spring Spa?

Hot Spring Spas are the perfect investment for relaxation, health improvement, and lifestyle enhancement. At Hot Spring Spa, we are experts at designing, building and delivering the most thorough, comprehensive and quality spa product in the world. Let us serve you in the many facets of buying and owning a hot tub.