How To Pick The Right Hot Tub For You

There are so many ways to use a hot tub! Whether relaxing, exercising or entertaining guests, a personal spa can offer plenty of health and wellness benefits. This being said, making the decision to actually purchase one can be difficult. With many different models and brands to available, it can be an overwhelming process to choose. Not to mention the expensive price tag that sometimes comes along with it! Buying a hot tub should be fun, so here is a helpful guide on how to find the perfect fit for you and your family!

Return on investment

A big question surrounding the purchase of a hot tub is, am I going to use it enough to justify the investment? Here at Hot Spring Spas of Kansas City, we may be a little biased, but the answer is YES! Aside from just a fun activity in your backyard there is an abundant list of health benefits that come from spending time in your hot tub. Hot tubs help to improve sleep quality, ease muscle soreness, reduce stress and anxiety, decrease tension headaches, relieve arthritis pain and increase quality time with your family.

By becoming an owner of a hot tub, you can drastically improve your quality of life through extensive health and entertainment benefits!

Choosing the right features

Now that we have mentioned some of the benefits, it’s time to discuss choosing the hot tub that fits your needs. There are several factors to consider here including both size and features!

When determining what size hot tub to buy, you need to ask yourself several questions. Spas can come in virtually any size ranging from a two person to seven-person lounger. So, how many people will be using the hot tub regularly? Think about your family size, the number of friends you typically have over, or if you will primarily use your tub for relaxation in the morning or before bed.

There are also many features that can come as part of your hot tub. This could include anything from different designs, jet systems, water features and so much more! You may also be interested in a spa with LED lights for nighttime soaks or an innovative jet or temperature system to relieve muscle soreness.

Finding the best value for your budget

We know that buying a hot tub is an investment. If you’re on a budget, it’s important to keep in mind that a cheaper hot tub may end up costing more in the long run. Because lower costs can lead to lower quality, which means you’ll end up spending more on energy costs and repairs. To find a hot tub that will provide you with the most value over time, consider frequency of fillings, maintenance, quality, and energy efficiency.

Another important factor is the type of water care system you choose. Saltwater systems like the FreshWater® Salt System, available on Hot Spring® Highlife and Limelight spas, require less draining and refilling—ultimately saving you money down the road.

Ready to get started?

Hot Spring Spas of Kansas City can do it all and we would love to help you find your perfect hot tub! Stop in our store or call one of our professionals today and let us help you.