Benefits of a Hot Tub for Your Health

Not only are hot tubs incredibly relaxing and enjoyable, but they offer multiple health benefits to people who use them. For centuries people of different cultures used hot water for relaxation and for bathing. Not much has changed since then. Many people testify about the health benefits of using a hot tub, such as reduced stress, joint mobility, improved sleep, and increased circulation.

Reduce Stress

Our lives become hectic in the blink of an eye. In fact, it can be challenging to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Americans especially live chaotic lives. According to CNN, most Americans work a total of 34.4 hours in a week (many even longer) than their counterparts in the world’s largest economies. All of these extra work hours foster a mentality of stress and habits of stress. Living a life of prolonged stress can lead to serious complications, such as mental illness and ailments. Do not let stress take such a heavy toll! Hot tubs are designed for relaxation and enjoyment; they are created to reduce stress and aid healthy lifestyles. Stop the stress of a long workweek and let a hot tub dissolve any tensions.

Help Joints

Joint pain is not something to be taken lightly. Arthritis affects 53 million adults and 300,000 children in the USA (The Arthritis Foundation). Many who suffer from arthritis seek different remedies for daily pain. People in the past turned to soaking in warm water for relief from the conditions of arthritis and that method has proven true.  The Arthritis Foundation endorses soaking in a hot tub as a treatment for relief from arthritis. It takes pressure off of joints, allows them to be looser, and reduces pain. When laying in a hot tub, the force of gravity is removed off of joints and decreases joint swelling. It is amazing what a few minutes spent in a hot tub can do for people struggling with constant joint pain.

Improve Sleeping Patterns

Hot tubs help the body to relax by relieving tension and reducing stress. Warm water eliminates stressors and alleviates muscular tension. With these absences, the body is more likely to fall into a restful state. Sleeping patterns improve when the body sleeps deeply and soundly, and this occurs when the body is loose, calm, and at peace. It is fairly simple; relaxation allows good sleep, just don’t fall asleep in a hot tub!

Improve Circulation

Common indicators of poor circulation are: muscle cramps, regular dizziness, tingling, difficulty breathing, swelling of the feet, coldness of limbs throughout the year, and numbness in limbs. Poor circulation is a common condition in America and can be treated by a variety of methods, including soaking in a hot tub. By relaxing in a hot tub, the body’s temperature becomes elevated, making the heart work harder. When the heart is working harder, it pumps blood at a higher frequency, elevating a person’s circulation. Hot tub usage along with other lifestyle changes can help a person in their journey to better health and better circulation.

Using a hot tub already was an enjoyable experience before taking into account the added array of health benefits. Not only do hot tubs bring comfort and relaxation to users, but also reduce stress, alleviate joint pain, improve sleep, and improve circulation. If a doubt ever existed in your mind about whether or not to purchase a hot tub, now is the time! On top of the pleasure hot tubs bring, you now know how owning and using a hot tub can actually benefit your health and overall lifestyle.

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